Press Release>>>>Announcing Our Award

cropped-oweciclogo.jpgOpportunities with Experience – O-W-E – C.I.C

secures support from UnLtd –

delivering social change in our community


Opportunities with Experience – O-W-E – C.I.C has secured support from UnLtd, the UK’s foundation for social entrepreneurs. The funding and tailored package of support from UnLtd will help the organisation make lasting social change in the community.  Opportunities with Experience O-W-E –C.I.C is helping Women and young Adults in the community find employment in the building trade by providing training and work experience opportunities.  Our venture links well with potential for local employment across communities in Kent and SE London. We have a greater understanding and have researched the issues of recruiting women and young adults and we are now well linked into relevant local networks. Ultimately, we are meeting our aims to facilitate a local network of trade’s people, able to collaborate with one another, and to engage more extensively in the wider market.


Nas Morley, UnLtd Director of Partnerships & Influence, underlined the importance of the expertise and support on offer and said: “Enterprising people are at the heart of so much positive change across the UK, so it’s wonderful for UnLtd to be able to provide support for this social venture. We hope that our tailored package of support will help to develop many more sustainable businesses that will deliver lasting social impact. We’re living in particularly challenging times, so some of these ideas and innovations are urgently needed.”.

Angela Steele, Opportunities with Experience – O-W-E – C.I.C, said: “the support and impact from UnLtd will help OWECIC grow to include even more young women and mums who are considering becoming qualified tradeswomen in the construction industry”.

UnLtd is working hard with partners from both the public and private sectors to help deliver social impact by harnessing the huge potential of social entrepreneurs to solve society’s biggest challenges. The organisation is focused on three big impact areas; resilient communities, employability and solutions for an ageing society.

More information on UnLtd’s latest funding opportunities is available online here.



Editor’s notes

For more information,, Telephone: 07496547214

Any UnLtd questions should be directed to Ruth Coustick-Deal, or Alastair Mogg,

 About UnLtd, the Foundation for Social Entrepreneurs

UnLtd funds and support passionate and committed social entrepreneurs who are determined to tackle the key issues facing society.  UnLtd began in 2002 and since then has given out over 13,000 awards of support and funding, direct and through partners, to social entrepreneurs to start up and scale their impact. It supports individuals running ventures firmly rooted in delivering positive social change.

On top of this, UnLtd has developed a vibrant network of supporters in the UK and across the globe and is at the heart of a thriving movement for social change. Social entrepreneurs have solutions to some of the most pressing issues faced by society. UnLtd brings together insight and innovation from across the world so that social entrepreneurs can fulfil their potential to change the UK for the better.

For more information about the support offered by UnLtd go to

Twitter: @UnLtd




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