Course: 12 day Pop-Up Interior Decorating/CSCS card Training– City of Praise Community Church, Northfleet. February 2019

We did both theory and practical. Angela was a very good tutor, patient, fair, good natured, firm but fair. I passed my cscs test and learnt new skills which I believed I would use indoors Angela thought I had potential to progress in this industry, so I am going to try. Lavinia Lee

Course: 12 day Pop-Up Interior Decorating/CSCS card Training– Health Living Centre, Dartford. January 2018

By the time I completed the course my confidence and skillset had growing. But best of all Angela was so inspirational, motivating and funny. She shared her knowledge and experiences openly. She never made me feel I couldn’t do it.  Anita Simons

Course: Level 1 Award in Health & Safety in a Construction Environment; CSCS test; CSCS card – Wallis Park Community Centre  September 2018

“Angela made learning so fun.  I didn’t want to miss a session.  She is so approachable and patient.  I know I am going to pass my test.”  Andrea Pickering

Course: Introduction to Construction Interior Decorating – Wallis Park Community Centre  April 2017

“Enjoyed the course, Angela is so funny and hard working.  She gave us her time equally.  Very good trainer.”  Lynda Davis

“I am a gardener but wanted to learn painting and decorating.  Angela programme made it possible.  Really happy that I can draw a plan and make a model.  I am going to recommend the programme to all my mates. Women only of course.” Kelly Hall

Course: Introduction to Construction CSCS Card Training – Women in Manual Trades (WAMT) 25-29th November 2016

 “I really enjoyed the course; it was well presented and very informative.  The course tutor also opened my eyes as to all the opportunities that are available for women to work in construction.”  Yetunde Akinolie

 “I enjoy working with Angela Steele the tutor on the course, and I find the course very useful.  The training covered everything I had expected.”  Constanta Lidia Oprea

“I found Angela Steele to be an excellent tutor who relates to the students very well m plus made the classes both interesting and informative.”  Susan Hollis

Course: Six weeks Introduction to Interior design – Women in Manual Trades (WAMT) 20th May -24th June 2015

“I have really enjoyed doing this mini course.  It made me have more of an understanding.  Angela was a great teacher who takes time out to help you.  The course could have been a bit longer.”   Sophie Lansiquot

“Angela is a fantastic teacher, very professional but also very funny. I learnt a lot in such a short time. I would recommend course to family and friends”  Lorraine Moore

“Really good course; I learnt a lot.”   Toni Barnes-Warden

 “I really enjoyed this course.  The teacher was brilliant and explained everything well”  Roswita Taylor


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