Ladies at Tree Community Centre in ANIMATION

In conjunction with the Healthy Living Centre Dartford these ladies completed our 12-day interior decorating/cscs card training at Tree Community Centre thanks to the funding grant from the National Express Foundation.

National Express logo

The work experience was painting the new office for the HLC team who were moving on to the site.  The centre manager Sharon Phillips said simply “great job, thank you”.

tree 1tree 2

Since completion these ladies have successfully being awarded the L1 Award in Health and Safety in a Construction Environment and to date two of the ladies have passed cscs test. So cards on the way…….

Feedback from participants was:

Rate overall quality of course Excellent

How well did the trainer keep sessions alive and interesting? Excellent

Overall rating of trainer Excellent

How effective were the resources? Excellent

Was the length of the course enough? Good

Comments have ranged from:

“good fun course, tutor made learning environment enjoyable and engaging” Lisa Buckley

“thanks, I am going to keep learning” Diane Tucker

“I enjoyed the course especially painting techniques ‘laying off’ for a good finish” Lavinia Lee

“I would consider taking this up full time” Joanna Byrne

We are recruiting for the next group of women so if you are interested or know someone who may be, contact us using form below.



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