Anita’s Success after working with US…..

Anita’s Story

Anita had worked as a fast-paced accountant in central London in her previous life. She signed up to do OWECIC 10-day Interior Decorating/CSCS Card training in January 2018. On first meeting Angela Steele OWECIC managing director Anita told her she had spent over a year at home not really mixing with others.

Angela said she told Anita the course would help her build her confidence firstly working with others, then working on her skills.  At first Anita found the course overwhelming as there was five other people attending, but every day she returned.  Anita in deco modeAnita recalls “I went to bed every night thinking I am not going in tomorrow. Then in the morning I didn’t want to stay at home so went to the session. After day three I realised I wanted to get back to finish off the boards I was practising on. And I was looking forward to the work experience Angela had arranged. I completed the course successfully and Angela gave me the opportunity to work with her and her all-female decorating team. By this time my confidence and skillset had grown. But best of all Angela was so inspirational, motivating and funny. She shared her knowledge and experiences openly. She never made me feel I couldn’t do it.”

Even though Anita liked working as a decorator her real passion was working outside in gardens, and also volunteering for local countryside organisations.  Full of confidence and a growing ambition for continued change in her life Anita puck up the courage and applied to study horticulture in March 2019.  After a lengthy interview she has been offered a space on the Level 2 RHS ( Royal Horticulture Society) Apprenticeship Scheme for over 24’s.

What an achievement! We wish her all the best for the future.

Anita Natural Habitat

Anita in her natural habitat





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