Womaletics Promotions – Visit our website at https://womaletics.wordpress.com/


 Spreading YOUR word

Promoting YOUR events

Helping YOUR business to grow

So long as YOUR aim is to inspire, motivate, and bring together people and communities were happy


View whats going on, who’s going on, why you should go on at womaletics.wordpress.com

Contact us to Advertise YOUR Business or Event for Free for the 1st eight months on womaletics.wordpress.com

To advertise with us all we need is Your contact details with Your logo, 100 words about what you do.

We will then load you up to site and all we ask is that you tell women about us and what we do.

If you have any questions or want to attend an event please contact:

Angela via email on womaletics.event@o-w-e.org.uk

or text/call on 07469 547 214 or fill out contact form below


1st meeting in 2016 with a few business women to discuss the idea of Womaletics. Within the group is a Tiler, Happiness Coach, Accountant,  Interior Decorator, Trainer/Assessor, Bookkeeper, Employment Coach, Jewellery Maker and Photographer.

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