OWECIC 12 day course is a 2018 second-round community award winners

National Express logoOpportunities with Experience strives to break down barriers by supporting women who would like to work within the construction trades sector. It offers courses in interior decorating/CSCS card training, which includes working towards a Level 1 award in Health & Safety in a Construction Environment and the Health Safety & Environment test to apply for a CSCS Green Labourers card for work on a construction site.

Our  grant is being used to help tackle the low attainment of 16 women and young mums aged 18-24 who would like a career in the construction industry. The group’s workshops aim to provide a practical and inspiring learning experience for those women and young people who wish to ‘have a go’ at a trade, helping them to develop their skills and confidence before pursuing a career in construction.

Angela Steele, Opportunities with Experience, said:

“Receiving this grant from the National Express Foundation helps OWE CIC open once closed doors to young women and mums who are considering becoming qualified tradeswomen in the construction industry. 16 women and young mums will really have opportunities from their experience.”

We are recruiting for women NOW, Course starts in December 2018.

Interested then complete booking form below

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