OWECIC 10 day Interior Decorating/CSCS card training & WOW (Women of Woolwich) Group

At the beginning of February we run our 10 Pop Up Interior Decorating/CSCS training course for eight mums called the WOW (Women of Woolwich) Group in a local children centre in Greenwich.  This is the first of two groups we will be working with.

They spent three days practicing painting skills, four days’ work experience which was painting two main areas in their children centre, giving both areas a total revamp and three days working towards the L1 Award in Health & Safety in a Construction Environment.  All but one woman is set to take the CSCS test in the coming weeks to get the CSCS Labourers Green Card so can work in construction.

It was an absolute pleasure working with the mums, build confidence, feeding off their motivation to learn and work was amazing.  Some of the mums had painted before at home and some were novice.  However, all the mums were such good painters we hope to be able to work with them again within Intodecor, our Female Interior Decorating Service.

At the end of the course the mums received a painting and decorating bag and kit to help them with future projects and keep their motivation going.  This has proved fruitful already as some of the mum have volunteered to paint the rest of the children centre.

Watch the video below to see the WOW team success over the 10 days.


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