I am a CITB Construction Ambassador for women and young people…..

Construction Ambassadors Certificate

My Name is Angela Steele and I run Opportunities with Experience OWE – C.I.C, a training organisation for women and young adults wanting to work in construction.

me“I have worked in the Construction industry for over 25 years. Although I am painter & decorator, I like all aspects of the industry and especially the teamwork. I have worked with people from all walks of the construction industry from developing a project to concept, through costing and design to construction and completion. It’s very satisfying to stand beside a structure and know I had a hand in building it. I am so happy when I can say I had a hand in building (painting) that.”

CITB in conjunction with Go Construct has developed a Construction Ambassador to help promote career opportunities within the industry and interact with young people within schools. Construction Ambassadors are a regional network of people who already work in the industry covering all trades and professions, who give young people a real-life perspective of the industry by visiting schools and attending careers conventions giving first-hand information on what it is like to work in construction.

Who are Construction Ambassadors?

Construction Ambassadors are the faces of the industry, sharing positive experiences with women and young people who are considering construction as a career. Through Construction, students can learn about health & safety, equal opportunities and the world of work and a Construction Ambassador enhances the link between education and employment. Ambassadors can inspire, enthuse and inform students and teachers about the built environment and the opportunities a career in construction may bring.

A Construction Ambassador can come from any sort of construction background, I am a woman in construction with years in the industry training and in employment and I have worked in South East London and Kent. The only thing that is important is that they can motivate young people and help them see the opportunities that a career in construction can offer.

What does a Construction Ambassador do?

I am required to complete a minimum of one day per year at an event/opportunity. But of course I do loads more because I like spreading the word.  These will be arranged by CITB and Go Construct vary from careers conventions and seminars to site visits, activity days and mentoring opportunities.  As a Construction Ambassadors I can give presentations to women and young people and answer questions they might have about working in the industry.

An employer may also ask you to get involved at events to promote the construction industry as part of your corporate social responsibility.

What are the benefits for employers?

The Construction Ambassadors raises awareness of the industry and the career opportunities that are available to young people.  It aims to embed itself within an employer’s strategy for corporate social responsibility, based around engagement with education, and is a vehicle for encouraging participation in construction apprenticeship programmes.

I am eager and enthusiastic to represent the industry to women and young people.  I will bring along any pictures or information about past/present construction projects that I have worked on.

If you would like me to visit your school or college to talk to your students or clients about my experiences of working in the Construction Industry in London and Kent, then please contact angela.steele1@o-w-e.org.uk for more information.


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