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Womaletics Routes to Construction

Workshop one:  1 day a week – 2 weeks

Workshop one is designed to deliver to unemployed/inexperience ‘vulnerable’ women to demystify working on a construction site for women and discuss women’s experiences, from workplace issues and beyond.  We will look at the past and present and future gender role, gender pay gap, wage labour and employment, female workforce, diversity mix and women’s rights.  Our choice of delivery will be varied from guest speakers, videos and a series of story boards.

Workshop Two: 1 day a week – 5 weeks

Workshop two is four and a half hour workshops with up to 20 women who never considered becoming a tradeswoman as a career option?  We will use freelance tradeswomen trainers and each is responsible for a group. We will commence with a safety induction before using materials such as wood, tiles, paint to produce a product.

The tools and skills involved include, measuring with tapes and set squares; cutting with a variety of saws such as hand saw and jigsaw to assembling with drills, nails, screws, hammers, nail punches, and using different drill bits. Each tool/skill is explained and correct use shown and overseen.

These workshops will bolster confidence, knowledge and achieve the most in terms of gaining tool skills and D.I.Y skills and engaging women to decide if a career in construction could be for them.

Workshop Three:  5 days – 1 week

Our participants will carry out work experience on a local community project

Workshop Two: 5 days – 1 week

Attend a QCF L1 Award in Health and Safety in Construction Environment and CSCS card training.

Preparation for CSCS test

If your interested please complete add contact details below.

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